April 2011 Charles Wordingham's Photographs

Artists' Open House exhibitions, Brighton, May 2011

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  f-7120202        Norman
  u-01538        Mr Head-in-the-Clouds
  p-1020821        Bead baby
  f-A100038          Fun-fair face
  h-16006        The green man
p-1030059        Muzzled
  p-1010957        Mr. Faucet
  h-04931        Postman
  h-22635          Bin Bandit
  h-19482        Incognito
panda        Magnetic Panda
 h-14901        Face in the window
  h-22469        Rocky ride
  h-22377        Intrusion
  f-B150120        Chilean Pine Monster
  h-14168        Bushman


The images shown on this web page are fairly low resolution versions of this year's exhibits. I usually print them with full resolution at about A4 size, with selected images up to 16"x12"

    16"x12" = 41cm x 30cm
       A4   = 29cm x 20cm
     10"x7" = 25cm x 18cm
       A5   = 20cm x 14cm   (all approximate conversions)

If you are interested in my pictures (for whatever reason), I can be contacted by e-mail as:
Please include "aoh" in the subject line!