November 2011 Charles Wordingham's Photographs

Artists' Open House exhibitions, Brighton

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  p-1020753        Brazen bathers
  p-1060950        Above and below
  p-1060924        Fish in a spin
  p-1040806        Summertime in Brighton
h-26515        Going to the parade
  h-26738-w.jpg        What a big gun!
h-26490        Flowers in a pot
 h-26493        Orange drama
  windows1        Picture windows - set 1
p-1060462          Going down
  h-25936        Through the wormhole
p-1020692        Love in the air
p-1070143        Still water
  h-26429        Transition
  h-24232        Light leaves
  p-1030952        Across the tracks


The dates for this winter's Artists' Open Houses are
      Three weekends in Nov-December      26 & 27   3 & 4   10 & 11
      Venue opening times are 11am to 5pm
This winter I'm showing photographs with:
  "Deborah Fleming and Friends"
  121 Hollingdean Terrace
  BN1 7HF

Others are presenting fine art and hadicrafts, so there will be plenty to see. A location map, "Brighton East" is viewable on the Artists Open Houses website. The house, shown on the guide map at position 36, is close to the 26, 46, 56, 50/50A bus routes, with the 50/50A getting closest. (In the section Live Departure Times, select bus service: 50, select bus stop: The Dip.) The venue is also within easy walking distance of Fiveways and other houses which are part of the Fiveways Artists Group.


The images shown on this web page are fairly low resolution versions of this year's exhibits. I usually print them with full resolution at about A4 size, with selected images up to 16"x12"

    16"x12" = 41cm x 30cm
       A4   = 29cm x 20cm
     10"x7" = 25cm x 18cm
       A5   = 20cm x 14cm   (all approximate conversions)

If you are interested in my pictures (for whatever reason), I can be contacted by e-mail as:
Please include "aoh" in the subject line!